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" Dr. Edwards, You are truly a Healer".  You have been the most benevolent person I have ever met.  Through your teaching and guidance you have helped me transform my vision and become an extension of your energy.   This is a great gift you have given me. 
Thank you for allowing me be part of your village.+ 
Your village member,  

Grand Master Diego Perez , 8th degree Black
Belt Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do

     "My experience with energy medicine has been transformational.   I have learned about myself and made changes in my life in ways that are deeper than traditional psychology. Soul part retreival and destiny tracking are my favorite exercises. The tools which I learned in the Medicine Wheel program have been most beneficial in my personal life and blossoming practice as a healer. Thank you for sharing the beauty and unconditional love of this way of life".
Debbie Nogueras, ARNP, Ph.D.
White Feather Designs

     "Claudia Edwards is a caring, sensitive and compassionate wise woman and healer.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April  2008, Claudia was one of my first calls.  She assisted me on my healing journey and brought serenity and peace to what otherwise might have been a chaotic and fearful situation.
     Claudia helped me to understand how fear and other dense energies inhibit the healing process, and taught me how to see the cancer as a temporary guest in my house.  Buy learning to greet cancer as a powerful stranger, receive the lessons it came to teach, and then to bid it a fond farewell  in gratitude and in light, I was able to become an active participant in the energy medicine process as together we removed these energies.
     I am now cancer free, one year after diagnosis.  I will forever be grateful to this wonderful healer, shaman and sage".

Patricia San Pedro
San Pedro Productions

     "Claudia is both unique and exceptional as a therapist and healer, combining her multiple skills and experience she offers something very special to her clients"!

Paul Lubicz
Well being Expert