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Energy medicine is an ancient healing practice that works  with the energy fields that surround the body. There are many different practices of energy medicine and this field is referred to by different names including Electro Magnetic Energy Field, Chi, or Luminous Energy Field. The energy field is a template for physical, emotional, and stress related problems and connects to the physical body through the seven chakras.  The goal of all forms of energy medicine is to restore the healthy flow of the energy field, healing by restoring homeostasis to the body.

How Can Energy Medicine Help?

Healing does not only occur as a result of medical/psychological intervention, but also as a result of how the client receives the intervention.  Research supports that stress has a negative effect on all medical/psychological conditions, our general health and well-being, and our creative processes.

Energy medicine can identify where a problem or stress is held within the human body, and remove it.  It can also teach people how to tap into their intuition and utilize their creative right-brain, to solve problems, set goals, and create a map to realize those goals or dreams in a way that is beyond the abilities of the logical left brain.

What does an energy medicine session look like? 

The first meeting starts with an interview where I want to learn about the problem, goal, or dream a client brings to the session.  I also want to know if the problem were removed, what a client would want to occupy that space, as well as the client’s resources (ie: personal strengths and areas of success).  I then give clients a preliminary understanding of the issue and offer clients options regarding ways it can be addressed.    

You may be asked to lie down, fully clothed, and be led on “journeys” using guided imagery much like other forms of mind- body medicine.  Different from other forms of therapy, there is a direct intervention to the energy field, aimed at removing dense energy, and helping people develop their creative, intuitive thinking processes.

Will energy medicine replace medical treatment?

No, energy medicine is not a replacement for medicine, or medical or psychological treatment.

Shamanic energy medicine in the tradition of the Peruvian Incas is both a spiritual and healing practice based in the belief that the universe is a web of energy and spirit that sustains all life.   Shamans are masters at communicating with the spirit of everything in nature, and navigating through these energy fields to effect change.  By learning how to use your breath, emotions, and intentions, both the shaman and client can make interventions in the energy field that surrounds the  body as well as the energy fields that exists between people (known as relationships), and between people and their environment.  Bringing ourselves into balance with the natural world around us creates shifts in the energy field that surrounds the physical body influencing health and well-being.

Is Shamanism a religion?

No, shamanism is not a religion and is not in conflict with any religion.  There is a spiritual component of shamanism which is based in the principles of impeccability, integrity, sustainability, and care taking for the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Illumination: is the fundamental and first line intervention of the energy medicine discipline that I practice.  It involves having a person lie down fully clothed and through a series of breathing exercises, identifying where problems are held within the body and removing the dense energies from the affected charkas.  This process helps change the way that people can become “hard wired” into repetitive and ineffective habitual patterns.  It also helps begin the process of creating a new map for life using our intuitive resources.

Shamanic journeying: is a process of using guided Imagery to explore issues, goals, problems, and solutions in a way that surpasses the boundaries of the logical mind and body.  This process helps people “think outside the box”, develop skills in intuition, increase their repertoire of responses to obstacles, dream more meaningful destinies, and discover the paths to realize their dreams.

Conscious Dreaming/Destiny Retireval: is a process of using shamanic journeying techiques to consciously dream a future of best possible outcome, seperate dreams from nightmares, and develop practical skills that can be used in everyday life to create a map to realize your dreams.

Extraction: is a process to dislodge and remove dense energies that are more deeply embedded in the human energy field and are creating problems or preventing growth.  These energies may be blocked in a specific part of the body or may be fluid and circulating throughout the body.

Soul Retrieval: is a beautiful and powerful  process of  retrieving and integrating the parts of ourselves or life forces that separate from us during trauma.  It  involves a series of shamanic energy medicine techniques including a meditation journey through a four chambered soul where we explore our wounds at a deeper level, re-write old contracts that keep us bound to our past, discover medicine gifts, power animals, and ways to transform the energy and intensity of our wounds into a resource of equal strength and power that can be used to heal ourselves and others.  This is a life changing  project that requires a great deal of commitment and is usually not accomplished in one session.